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Influencer marketing can help take your brand to new heights. Working with an influencer expands your marketing reach, boosting public awareness of your brand and driving conversions in ways you’d never expect. Iron Media Solutions collaborates with dozens of influencers across the top social media platforms. We help our clients develop mutually beneficial partnerships and achieve specific goals with aligned campaigns.


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Influencer marketing takes traditional marketing to the next level. Influencers are digital leaders who have their own devoted followings. People follow these influencers in different niches because they trust their word, so when an influencer talks about or recommends a product or service, their followers take that as gospel. This way, you can convert more sales and generate a better ROI with your overall marketing campaign.

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Get in touch and let’s talk about your specific goals. Working with you, we’ll find the most effective route most suited to your needs.

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Let us bring you a full breakdown of which social media platform is the best fit for your goal, and the best way to approach using it.

The Right Influencer

We reach out to influencers in our network according to your niche and work with them to create effective campaigns that get hits.


From here, the influencer creates, publishes and shares a hard hitting video. We measure its performance, bringing you full reports and adjusting, moving forward, for best results.